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"battery life"

battery: 90%
damn, nearly had it
but you woke up too early
so you go through your morning routine
step by step by step
and talk as little as possible

battery: 95%
almost there
but you still can’t afford to greet your friends good morning
when you get off the bus
the bell rings and you head off to class

battery: 100%
the perfect days always go like this
you can actually speak spanish today!
whispering in english to your classmates
entire conversations spoken fluently

battery: 60%
spanish class drained a lot, huh?
well, at least you don’t need to talk during second period
there’s a group project with people you don’t know

battery: 25%
lunch time
at least you can next to someone who understands
you feel safe with them
but it’s not very fun
watching them get into a detailed discussion with another friend
and you’re left only able to nod along
because typing on your phone would only make you a burden

battery: 40%
you’ve recharged a little
just in time for fitness class
quietly, you play whatever game you’re assigned
you can only say “sorry”
whenever your ball lands in someone else’s court
in the locker room,
a friend asks what class you have next
but you’re stuck saying “sorry”

battery: 20%
oh, you’re really in trouble now
it’s english class
and you have to read aloud
you stare at the page until it’s your turn
you stutter through the book
and hope no one notices how slow you said it

battery: 10%
you barely talk when you get home from school
straight to your room
and collapse on the bed
dinnertime is soon.
you need to recharge

battery: 30%
it’s pizza tonight
so you don’t have to say a lot
your family is enjoying the food too much
to question you

battery: 0%
the battery died.
you were going to call one of your partners,
but now you can’t
and there’s not enough time to recharge
you lay in bed and close your eyes
i guess you just have to try again tomorrow.