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"liquid stardust"

the moon shines so bright
it illuminates this dreary darkness
a beacon of hope in the night sky
the perfect subject for a poem

the moon only glows because the sun gives it warmth
light rays swimming through stardust
to envelop it in a cosmic hug

you, my love, are not the moon
because you do not need anyone in order to sparkle
you are, instead, the incandescent sun
that brightens my moon

the two of us, entities floating through space
orbiting, spinning, dancing
(i’m not very good at the latter
but i can try, for you)
the moon would never leave the sun
it would never leave the light that gives it life
and the sun would never want to give up the moon
they’re connected, together
and though they may lose sight of each other
they are never truly alone for long

so if you are ever lost
floating in liquid stardust
about to drown
know that i will be there
waiting, always
to reach out a hand that you can hold
and to help you find your way back