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"melting moon"

[a sort-of second part to liquid stardust, still about my lovely incandescent sun.]

oh, darling, do you know how
the moon melts for you?
when you glow, soft and ethereal,
it blushes, hides behind the earth
because it’s so embarrassed of its smile.
when you speak, rays of heaven,
it finds itself turning bright,
showing the world how much it adores you.

oh, my angel, do you know that the stars,
when they shine so bright,
they do it for you?
when they cover themselves in clouds
and cry gentle rain,
their midnight showers
are a sight meant just for you.

so grab yourself a coat, my dear,
step outside,
let me show you how beautiful
you make me.

and when day arrives,
and you’re up there in the sky,
and you’re showing the world your glow,
know that i will soon be there, too.
blushing, brightening, breathing,
right beside you.